Saturday, September 1, 2007

23 Things- Finished!

Wow, so I finally managed to finish everything. I can see myself using all these "things" in the library and in my own life. The blogging has been useful, I actually started this as a way to keep track of my reading log, but I could see where it would be a helpful in other areas.

I like the ability to use the online productivity tools at Google, those would have been very helpful when I was still in school, especially those group projects. being able to track changes and to publish on line also!

I can see putting your business on line with the maps and also pictures for the library as promotion.

I still think finding blogs, podcasts, videos, etc... could be more streamlined. When searching for much of this, many more links come up than what you need and then they seem hard to narrow down.

I finish my web 2.0 class this week and will be posting soon my ideas on how to use many of these resources in my library.

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