Monday, September 3, 2007

Web 2.0 Social Software--Connecting with the Community

Going at this from a Children's Librarian perspective. These are my goals:

Using Vodcasts/Podcasts: I would like to use them for storytime, making them available on the website 24/7 so that the public could access them anytime and download them also.

Flickr: I have already posted my pictures from various programs on Flickr, but would like to make it a link on the Library webpage so that it can be accessed my others from our website, not just staff. Also I would like to highlight displays.

Wiki: I would like to use this internally for staff use. Also, I think that it could be a great assett to set one up for Networking and connecting with agencies in the community that serve parents, children and their caregivers. Sharing resources. Use internally to share websites with staff, could be accessed from any computer.


ctedwards said...

Nice collection of tools. Very thorough.

Anonymous said...

The storytime pod/vodcast idea seems a good one. We are going to experiment with something similar at my library system - apparently there are copyright issues, so flannel board stories and stories in the public domain may be the way to go. Good luck!